Where to Live in Miami and Miami Beach

The blinding lights and unfiltered noise of the city make us long for a place that we can truly call home. So if you are wondering about where to live in Miami and Miami Beach, you are in the right direction.

Although Miami area is already known as a place where you can totally bring out your inner athletic person in you because of the various sports activities you can do year-around, get the best tan of your life, and feed your social media accounts with great sceneries, it is more than just your resident destination to look for every summer – it could probably the best place you can live in.

Know the best Miami neighborhoods and unburden yourself of stress on how to escape your life because who knows? Maybe you’ll be one of the local residents of the famous South Beach (SoBe) Art Deco District or fall in love with Miami’s serene island, Key Biscayne Island.


The Funky Neighborhood of Coconut Grove – Miami

Coconut Grove - Miami neighborhood


Coconut Grove is considerably the oldest city neighborhood in Miami, still living out its funky culture that started way back in 1960s in the midst of modernity brought by today’s generation. Now who wouldn’t love to live in a place like time itself decided that there’s no thin line between modern and old period?

Located in coastal Miami, Coconut Grove has grown to be a place of serenity, history, activities for the whole family, a large marina and multiple parks throughout.

And if you want to live in place where you’ll feel like you’re a heartbeat close to the artists of the classical period, Coconut Grove has old Southern charm. It also has unique historic villas where you can see European antiques and decorations that was stored from 16th-19th century.

Due to its ambiance, a solemn feeling like going back in our good old times, Coconut Grove has also been famous as one of the top places to hold wedding ceremonies and has a beautiful open-air commercial district with boutiques, coffees shops, and restaurants.


The Peaceful Key Biscayne Island

Key Biscayne - Miami neighborhood


Famed for its historic and gorgeous Bill Baggs State Park, Key Biscayne Island is where families and retirees escape from the not-so hectic life of Miami. With well manicured roads and parks, it’s an ideal place to raise a family while enjoying a peaceful life.

If you are a tennis fan, you’re in luck! Key Biscayne has the finest tennis park in South Florida. The annual Miami Open is hosted at its mega tennis venue, the Crandon park, which brings the world’s best tennis players to your door.


The Posh South Fifth Street (SoFi) – Miami Beach

South of Fifth - Miami Beach neighborhood


No longer the this-is-where-I’ll-take-my-last-swim place as it was once home for crimes and cast offs. South of Fifth Street (SoFi) evolved as a this-is-where-I-love-swimming place as it became home not only to tourists turned residents, but also for the rich and famous.

This small affluent neighborhood in South Beach is surrounded by water, thanks to the Ocean to Biscayne Bay, where you can indulge yourself in watersports whenever you like. Aside from the best and most scenic park, South Pointe park, the size of the neighborhood has actually helped to keep the place as quiet and as harmoniously to live in as possible.


The Leafy Pinecrest Neighborhood – Miami

Pinecrest - Miami neighborhood


This small neighborhood in the south of Miami, is known as one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami and one of the best places in South Florida to raise a family. Why? Because it’s community oriented and all its residents help keep their city safe and clean.

Many families also choose to live in Pinecrest for its top amenities, highly rated schools, leafy parks, and its wonderful farmers’ market.


The All-in-One South Beach Neighborhood – Miami Beach

South Beach - Miami Neighborhood


The barrier that wouldn’t hurt to exist, SoBe is an island between the ocean and the mainland downtown. Its proximity to everything: shopping, beach, entertainment and dinning, is one of the reasons why the most desired place to live in Miami. A beach cruiser bike is more than enough to get around and you may never need a car.

And of course who wouldn’t miss out the beauty of the historic Art Deco District where you can admire the living history from the early 1900. Basically, South Beach museums and libraries highly emphasize the history thus the place do not only value modernity and the life of being close to nature, but also the life of appreciating what have cultured us before innovation.


Final Thought

There you have it, you no longer have to wonder where to live in Miami and Miami Beach. Everyone is sure to find his favorite corner in our region and the best of all, you never have to travel far for a change.