Vacation Rental in Miami Beach – Be Warned

You may be planning to visit Miami and considering a stay in a vacation rental in Miami Beach. If you’re traveling during peak season, it’s definitely a wise idea as hotel rates get very expensive, but should you consider this option?

Many websites, such as Airbnb, that popularized vacation rentals, do not often restrict homeowners from posting their properties in cities with strict laws on short term rentals.


Miami Beach Vacation Rental


As a potential visitor, be aware that the City of Miami Beach is one of them. Short term rental is limited to a minimum of 6 months and 1 day, including in highly desirable South Beach!

What does this mean for a vacation rental in Miami Beach?

It simply means that it’s illegal for a property located in Miami Beach to be rented out for a period of less then 6 months and 1 day, unless it’s a hotel or a licensed property. This extra “1” day is essentially to force landlords to rent out their place only once within a 12 months period.

For instance, only below colored zones are permitted for short term rentals in South Beach. As you can see, they’re mainly beachfront properties, mostly hotels and commercial properties.


Vacation rental in Miami Beach - Permitted zones


Online, you’ll likely find Miami Beach homes and condos for rent for a few days, and you may wonder if they are illegal. Their landlords may have a permit, but they’re also free to take the risk and rent their homes illegally.

We often see suitcase trailers in our buildings in South Beach, so we believe the city doesn’t currently strictly enforce this law. They may decide some day with heavy penalties and hopefully you won’t be affected.

How about a room rental in South Beach?

This may fall in the gray area since the owner is at her property and you’ll be just renting a room. You could be a guest  or a member of her extended family.

Technically, if you’re a visitor and paying for your stay, the owner may not be paying a tourist tax and this automatically makes it an illegal rental.

We really don’t know how this vacation rentals law came about. One thing is sure, the city doesn’t want to receive less taxes from hotels, due to less rooms occupied. This law also indirectly protects hotels from “unfair” competition, homeowners who don’t pay the tourist tax.

We honestly wish our city allowed the rental of vacation homes, as many sit empty most of the year. They could simply ask landlords to pay the tourist tax too, on the nights they rent out their places.

As of our writing, several hotels are being built or planned on our tiny island, increasing traffic congestion and perhaps adding unnecessary excess of concrete.

There you go, you’re now informed about our situation on vacation rental in Miami Beach. In case you’re temporarily relocating to Miami Beach, you hopefully read this.  Book wisely and enjoy your stay in Miami!


Credits: aloncentral