South Beach Food and Wine Festival Top Chefs

South Beach Food and Wine Festival 2016 is kicking-off in few days, February 24 – 28. Many of the 60,000 food lovers making the pilgrimage to this fine event may wonder how the chefs line-up looks like this year.


South Beach Food and Wine Festival - Miami Beach, Florida


With the over whelming number of top chefs attending, it may be hard to decide whose show to attend. If you’re a fan of particular ones, just go to Sobfest website and checkout their schedule. We thought to quickly share with you 3 truly talented chefs you shouldn’t miss at this year’s event and by the time your read this post, their tickets may be already sold out!

Our 2016 South Beach Food and Wine Festival Picks

South Beach Food and Wine Festival - Marcus SamuelssonChef Marcus Samuelsson is a highly decorated top chef with an exotic background as his cooking. He was born in Ethiopia then raised in Sweden by his adoptive Swedish parents when he fell in love with coocking.

After relocating to the US in the early 90s, his passion for food flourished to the point where he hosted the first State Dinner for the US president Barack Obama and the India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2009! He marvelously brings out the tastes of Africa by incorporating Ethiopian and African ingredients into his cooking style.


South Beach Food and Wine Festival - Emeril LagasseChef Emeril Lagasse is perhaps the most popular personality on the Food Network channel with his famous Emeril Live show. As another top chef with a diverse background, he was born to French-Canadian and Portuguese parents.

His signature catchphase “BAM!” will definitely make you scream it when your see him in action! His cooking style consist of a mix of Portuguese, French, and Cajun, that results in mouthwatering creative dishes.



South Beach Food and Wine Festival - Guy FieriChef Guy Fieri is unlike any other food celebrity. With his eccentric look, you can easily spot him in any crowd and wonder if this guy should be taken serious. He is as serious as literally being the most popular face on the Food Network!

As a strong supporter of homestyle cooking, the world’s Diners and Drive-in restaurants owe him their regained popularity in recent years. His passion for American-style grills and barbecues is reflected in any dish he touches.


So if you’re in town, don’t miss this amazing event right on our sandy beach. Talented chefs at South Beach Food and Wine Festival are from across the country, including top local Miami ones. Enjoy tasting and happy travels in Miami. In case you want to top off your visit with another activity, checkout our spectacular artistic murals at Wynwood Walls.