Miami Packing List



Oliom searching for things to do in MiamiWelcome to our Miami travel resource! We help travelers gearing up to vacation in our beloved Miami region, Florida.

As seasoned world travelers who wandered throughout most continents, we have the expertise on how to truly discover a region. We are here for travelers eager to get tips from locals on the ground, whether you are looking for details on activities, local gems, beaches, nightlife, and hidden nature, we share our honest advice!

We believe that very few people spend enough time to discover our tropical region. So we put our local knowledge into practice to provide you helpful details that will help you make the most out of your trip.

Feel free to reach the Oliom Team and enjoy our travel insights from real locals. Happy travels!



Meet Our Mascot

Oliom-miami-beach-florida-sock-monkeyIf you are an American reading this, you know how sock monkeys were dearest to our hearts as children. It’s a popular icon in the American culture that people of all ages relate to.

We named him Oliom. You may imagine him as your dear sock monkey, back when you were a kid, who went off his own way to lead his life and grow up in Miami. He’s now eager to share with you all the interesting things his beloved region has to offer. Best of all, you may catch him on the streets of Miami!