5 Miami Beach Safety Tips – From A Local

We want our visitors to feel safe while staying in our city and travel around without worry. Miami Beach island is fairly safe and our streets and beaches can be enjoyed any time of the day. Like in other popular tourist destinations, the following safety tips should be observed:

Safety tips - Miami Beach police

Safety tips at the beach

  • If you plan to spend most of your day on the beach, it’s best to leave your valuables in your hotel room’s safe. Try not to leave your things unattended or highly visible at the beach.
  • Full nudity is not permitted, except at designated beaches such as the northern tip of Haulover Beach park – See our blog on Best Beaches in Miami. Going topless and thongs are okay and widely accepted.
  • Open alcohol bottles, glass, and styrofoam are not allowed on the beach. Please keep the beach clean and throw away your trash in the numerous trash bins provided.
  • It’s best to avoid the beach after dark.

Safety tips at the hotel/room

  • When not in your hotel room, keep your valuables out of sight and in the safe.
  • Before you leave your room, make sure to close your windows and balcony (especially if shared with a neighbor).
  • Make sure to always use the main hotel lobby to ensure that no one is following you and all activities are captured by the lobby security cameras.
  • If you befriend locals, avoid bringing them into your hotel room. They’re likely nice, but you never know, it’s better not to take the risk while on vacation.


Safety tips - Miami Beach parking sign
Safety tips - Miami Beach parking meter

Parking tips

  • Free parking is rare, plan to either spend $40+ per day or park at the many City of Miami Beach public parking lots. They’re reasonably priced, safe & clean. There are a few private parking lots priced higher so carefully read the signs.
  • Avoid parking citations or getting your car towed by respecting the signs and meter time. City of Miami Beach strictly enforces parking rules. Also, avoid parking in the residential area.
  • Do not park on yellow painted sidewalk or near a fire hydrant. Blue painted sidewalk is for disabled people and requires a special permit.
  • Miami Beach Parking partnered with  Parkmobile app to conveniently park with a credit card & remotely re-charge your meter without having to run back to your car. See the green sticker on each parking meter for your zone id.

Car safety tips

  • You don’t need a car. You can easily get around on Miami Beach via other means. If you plan to travel outside the island then rent a car when you are ready.
  • Do not let valuables/electronics visible in your car, make sure to lock them in your glove compartment or trunk.
  • After dark, it’s preferable to stay within the hotels zone, along Washington Ave, Collins Ave or Ocean Dr or other well lit areas.
  • Foreigners, please remember that the US emergency phone number for police, ambulance & fire is 911.

Safety tips - Lummus park coconut trees miami beach florida

Coco trees safety

  • Coconut trees are everywhere in Miami Beach. So if you decide to rest or park your car under a coconut tree, look up and make sure the tree is coconuts free. The chance of having a coco fall on you is super slim but your never know!


We hope our safety tips helped you. Happy travels, enjoy your stay in Miami Beach and discover authentic things to do in Miami!