Miami Beach Boardwalk – 8 Tips For Running & Walking

Miami Beach boardwalk offers a lot for the active traveller. It is a must see attraction during your visit to Miami Beach. Better yet, book a hotel with boardwalk and beach access.

This way, you can spice up your vacation with a run or walk down the relaxing and charming boardwalk.

Miami Beach boardwalk is divided in two sections: the most popular and scenic section starts from South Beach’s Lummus Park, at 5th street and Ocean Drive, to Indian Beach Park, at 46th street and Collins Avenue.

Due the popularity of South Beach and the many hotels with boardwalk access, this section is very scenic and great for exercising. It’s partly paved and the rest is still in the original wooden frame which adds some charm to the path.


Miami Beach boardwalk - Running, jogging, cycling, walking welcomed


The second section starts from Allison Park, at 65th Street and Collins Avenue, to North Shore Open Space Park at 79th street and Collins Avenue. It’s entirely paved, unshaded, and mostly runs behind condo high rises.

This section is equally neatly maintained but in this post, we will focus on the favored former and give you the following tips to help you plan your experience.


Miami Beach boardwalk - Lummus Park South Beach


Miami Beach Boardwalk Running and Walking tips…

  1. It’s truly the best trail in Miami Beach to catch fresh air, run, jog and lightly cycle! The path is around 4 miles, just enough for a nice jog or long walk. You can easily stroll or jog with a stroller too.
  2. It’s best enjoyed early in the morning or late in the afternoons when the sun is gentler and the boardwalk is lively with walkers, joggers, and families. Of course you can come in the middle of the day too but make sure to wear sun protection.
  3. It’s very safe and can be enjoyed any time of the day. Most of the boardwalk is well lit at night, but it’s best to avoid it late at night.
  4. The cross streets are well marked at each intersection, look for the labels marked “XXth St.” on the west side of the path. The cross streets are also well labeled on the back of each Ocean Rescue lifeguard stand on the beach.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Miami Beach lifeguard stand - South Beach
  5. Stay well hydrated with water fountains and showers along the path, at every few blocks. There are also benches along the way. Better yet, buy a fresh coconut water and rest under one of the coconut trees in Lummus Park. The wooden section has some covered benches.
  6. Most serious runners prefer running on the beach parallel to the Miami Beach Boardwalk! The sand along Lummus Park, from 5th street up to 23rd Street is firm and gives an unobstructed view of the beach. The sand becomes “a little challenging” after that. You may enjoy the cross training though!
  7. Some runners may not enjoy sharing the boardwalk with the walkers and cyclists.  If this is the case, come in the early morning when there are less people or run on the sand.
  8. Lastly,  only the Lummus Park section of the boardwalk gives easy access to shops and restaurants. The rest leads to the back of hotels. You can always cut through one of the cross streets where you’ll find everything on Collins Avenue.

There you go, you’ll surely enjoy your time on Miami Beach boardwalk and appreciate the wonderful scene. Happy Travels!


Credits: Forter’s Beulah Belle, Gale hotel.