Lyft & Uber Promo Coupons – For Miami Too!

Traveling around Miami area and need an affordable and efficient transportation service? Here’s our favorite taxi services to move around without cash or any other hassle and right through your smartphone!

If you’ve never tried these great technology driven services, Uber and Lyft, check them out with their below deeply discounted coupons. Just download their easy Apps on your smartphone and off you go!

You can easily request the nearest car via their Apps and see it coming, in real-time, as it heads your way to pick you up. No worries, a photo of the car and the driver details will appear on your phone too, to make sure you can identify your ride.

Both services are basically the same, where individuals use their own cars to give you a ride for a fee. For now, Uber service has more drivers than Lyft but many drivers work for both services.

Below Lyft and Uber promo coupons are valid anywhere in the US where their services exist.


Uber promo coupon - Miami

Uber Coupon


Lyft Promo coupon Miami

Lyft Coupon


Uber and Lyft services are very handy when touring Miami, see authentic things to discover in Miami and enjoy the rides!


Credits: 999ktdy, ridester