Luxury Experience – mph club® is Miami’s Hidden Gem

Miami mph club luxury rental car

There’s a storm brewing in the southeast and it’s not your typical hurricane, it’s a Lamborghini Huracan cruising past you exhaling its signature thunderous sound as it backfires when you creep to a halt.

At any red light you are sure to draw the attention from passersby and even the cars around you will lower their windows while taking photos and videos with their mobile devices.  The American dream in Miami is certainly not the same as in the rest of the country; here no one cares about your white picket fence but more about whether your car is of the newest model.

If you’re in town on vacation you can certainly walk down ocean drive and snap a cool picture while you stand next to a hot supercar, but why not take it one step further and get behind the wheel and pilot your dream car.

Miami mph club exotic rental car

mph club® is Miami’s leading premier exotic rental car service that is offering you unique ways to experience the thrill of piloting your favorite supercar. The selection at mph club® includes but is not limited to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Land Rover.

Rent one of these vehicles and upgrade your status while you’re in town or even if you’re a local with a hot date for the night. Renting lets you experience the car at your own freedom almost like you owned it all along. mph club® also offers the RUSH HOUR tour.

If you’re looking to keep your supercar experience budget friendly look no further. The rush hour gives you a private tour of the facility that includes access to private jets, luxury and exotic vehicles, a speed briefing and vehicle training. Then you get to go behind the wheel for 30 minutes through the streets of Miami; pictures and videos are encouraged. 

Miami mph club premium rental car

Are you looking for a luxury experience that doesn’t involve driving? mph club® offers chauffeur service with the most exotic and high end fleet to be escorted around Miami. First class chauffeurs with excellent knowledge of the surrounding areas are provided to make your experience more personable and worry free. mph club® is setting an industry standard by letting their clientele be in full control of their chauffeur experience, by making sure that other innovative and essential amenities are included that are both new and fun, making each ride more memorable than the next. 

If you’re more surf than turf, mph club® still has you covered. Enjoy specialized concierge service when planning your next sea day. Whether you plan on being on the biggest boat at the weekly sandbar hangout or want to enjoy a secluded getaway close to the Virgin Islands, leave the planning to mph club®’s professional and dedicated staff. Yacht charters come with a host of amenities, a full staff of deckhands and a seasoned captain.

With a variety of yachts spanning from 50ft to 250ft, chartering your next ocean adventure just got a lot easier.

mph club® covers land, sea and air

When you’re searching for an expedient and lavish method of transportation there is no better approach than flying in a completely prepared private aircraft.

From helicopter tours along the beach or private flights to Japan, mph club® offers world-class jet chartering service to anywhere in the world. Enjoy romantic flights for two as you fly over the downtown skyline and hover over the beach. Leisurely travel or corporate travel, it’s more than just a jet chartering service; it’s being able to leave the stress of traveling to the professionals.

So don’t hesitate to realize your dream while in Miami! Travel in style on our streets and may be complement it with our hot and chic nightlife.

This post was contributed by mph club, a premier car rental company in South Florida providing exotic vehicles, jets and an unparalleled luxury experience.