Living in Miami Beach Vs Miami – 10 Things To Know

Miami Beach is the primary destination of most visitors and we’re often asked: how do you like living in Miami Beach? It’s very common that many visitors fall in love with our region’s warm weather and laid back lifestyle, as we summed it up before.

You may be one of them and perhaps thinking of joining us or may be buy a vacation home. As locals, let us give you an honest comparison on our two most popular cities.


Living in Miami Beach - Welcome Sign


Beside the abundant info on Miami and Miami Beach, here’s 10 insiders tips you should know:

  1.  The City of Miami Beach shares the island with 2 other independently run cities, Surfside and Bal Harbour. These two other ones are a lot smaller and there’s not much happening there. Living in Miami Beach is much more interesting. On the other hand, Miami’s larger size allows it to have the most diverse indoor and outdoor places.
  2. Miami Beach is divided into South Beach, Mid Beach and North Beach neighborhoods. Most visitors and vacationers spend their time in the first two as there’s more to do. North Beach is mainly condo buildings and hotels. In contrast, Miami is divided into countless neighborhoods, see this map.
  3. Miami Beach is much more densely populated than Miami and all services are within short distances. You can either walk or bike around and you don’t have to own a car. Miami is very spread out, traffic can get hectic, and it’d be difficult to live without a car as public transportation is not efficient.
  4. Most locals in Miami Beach live at the back of the island, west side. It’s a bit cheaper and less touristy. Most beachfront properties are either hotels or condos. Sadly, many are vacation homes and sit empty most of the year. In Miami, you can find affordable waterfront condos but the neighborhood could be questionable.
  5. Unlike Miami, Miami Beach does not have any sketchy areas. Price of land is high and developers quickly jump on the next plot to be re-developed.
  6. As space is scarce in Miami Beach, we’re happy to live in small condos and chose quality over quantity. On the other hand, the price of a tiny Miami Beach condo can buy you an entire single family house in Miami. Parents concerned about good public schools will find the best ones on Miami Beach island.
  7. Miami Beach is much safer than Miami. Due to our high density, there’s likely someone watching you. With this said, please take the typical precautions at night.
  8. The population of Miami Beach is a lot more diverse than Miami’s. Many moved from other states and countries. So if you’re from New York city, you’ll feel right at home with a big bonus: plenty of sunshine! The Latin culture is dominant in Miami and if you speak Spanish, it’ll come in very handy!
  9. Because of the ocean breeze, Miami Beach is much less humid than Miami during summer. You can find everything on the island, some of us rarely cross to Miami. Inland weather can get intolerable.
  10. The cost of living in Miami Beach, mainly housing, is generally more expensive than Miami but nothing like New York or San Francisco! Again, we chose quality of life over quantity and happily live in small condos to minimize housing costs.
Living in Miami Beach - Collins Ave Shopping district

                                                                                                 Chic Collins Avenue


Miami Beach is highly desirable among potential transplants. It offers great weather, awesome beaches, affordable living, and many things to do.

Where is the best place to live in Miami Beach?

South Beach! This small compact corner of the island has a lot to offer and all amenities are within walking distance.


Linving in Miami Beach - Espanola Way

                                                                                  Charming Española Way


We hope you come join us and in the mean time, visit us soon and enjoy our tropical lifestyle.


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