A Guide on Relocating from London to Miami

South Pointe Miami Beach Florida


Aside from a cold and damp climate, London is a city that holds a posh real estate industry. The capital, as a matter of fact, tops the Independent’s list of the most expensive cities in which to live and work. Despite of this, there are still a million and one reasons to love London.

There’s a long line of iconic events, a passionate sporting fan base, and an efficient transport system that all make living in the city worthwhile. However, it wouldn’t hurt you to open your eyes, and see a different side of the world, one that offers a wonderful change of scenery without losing the all-important factors.

UK news website The Guardian has an interesting take as to why people are leaving the capital in exchange for a quieter life elsewhere. In a way, relocating to sunny Miami, Florida, may seem like a pipe dream for some, as the popular US city presents the exact opposite of London.

But by looking at it from a different angle, it gives you – a proud Londoner – a chance to embrace a dynamic lifestyle that presents your typical comforts and more. Having said that, here’s a rundown of the things you’ll love about Miami.

Just like London, Miami has some of the grandest annual festivals

From high-profile music festivals, to exhilarating theater productions, to even intriguing art galleries, London stresses culture on every corner. But South Beach adds a different element to the equation. You might have grown to love rock concerts and/or cultural shows, so Miami gives you a long list of some of the grandest annual festivals not just in the state; but the whole US.


Miami Ultra Music Festival


First off is the Ultra Music Festival, which is a three-day party in March across eight venues at Bayfront Park. Over 70,000 partygoers flock the event each year.

A far cry from this is the Art Basel Miami Beach. This international contemporary art fair set for December showcases close to 300 galleries from 31 different countries. It also brings to light the works of local artists, further boosting Miami’s claim as a bona fide cultural capital.

The recently concluded South Beach Food and Wine Festival is another annual event that has featured celebrity chefs Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay, and Rachael Ray. Among its highlights are cooking demonstrations and seminars, as well as wine tastings and gourmet dinners with the world’s top connoisseurs.

Just like London, Miami has an exemplary transportation system

Public transportation is one of the key components of a thriving society. London, for instance, has an exemplary one as reflected by its airports. Major aviation hubs in the city invest millions – even billions – to improve facilities across the board.

Part of this also includes the foundation of sufficient airport parking areas. With the city’s congestion spilling from the roads, to its airports, all the way to its car bays, various parking aggregators made it a point to provide passengers total convenience. Other than the usual on-airport, meet-and-greet, and airport hotel with parking, Parking4Less underlines a less expensive off-airport feature. In a way, this represents London’s efficiency when it comes to the transport industry.


Miami Metromover


If the capital maintains well-organized airports, on-time railways, and capable river buses, Miami has aboveground rail lines and free trolley rides. The Metrorail is a 22-mile, 22-station commuter train that connects Palmetto to Downtown to Dadeland. A trip starts at a reasonable fare and has a provision similar to the Oyster Card – the EASY Ticket.

In addition, there’s Metromover, a terrific free ride offering loops around Downtown Miami and Brickell. On the other hand, the Miami International Airport is the biggest gateway to Latin America, owing it to its closeness to Central/South America, and the Caribbean countries.

Other important facets to consider before relocating to Miami

Miami has an average high temperature hovering at 89 Fahrenheit (32 C), and a low of around 59 Fahrenheit (15 C). Also, the city has a little over twice the average annual sunshine hours compared to London.

Another glaring factor are the reduced property prices and rentals, along with utilities, gas, and consumer goods, making Miami a cheaper relocation option.

There you have it, while London can’t entirely compare to Miami, the tropical lifestyle and the rest Florida offer more than a Londoner can ever dream of. See Visit Florida, the main tourism agency of the sunshine state for more options.



This post was contributed by Calvin Greene, a freelance writer for several independent news sites in the U.S. Before deciding to become the boss of his own career, he used to work full time as a movie production assistant. In his free time, he likes watching sci-fi movies with his three children named Luke, Leia, and Han.