Drive From Miami to Key West & Savor Best Foods!

So are you planning to drive from Miami to Key West? Well, that’s the best road trip and our favorite destinations in South Florida! With top food stops on the way and at popular Key Largo, you won’t get bored – whether alone or with some company.

The beautiful Florida Keys never fails to mesmerize us especially during summer. Get ready to experience a fun road trip and savor the fine restaurants of The Keys.

The adventure of Miami to Key West Driving

Miami to Key West driving is a worthy experience. But what makes it enjoyable is the availability of pleasant places where everyone can dine and have fun at the same time.

Key West is known as the “Southernmost City” with a 4-hour drive from the beautiful coastal of Miami via the Overseas Highway. From Islands to unique parks, to quirky places, there are many interesting spots to check-out on the way.

So where do we start? Here are only some of our favorite food spots you you’ll definitely enjoy as much as we do:


Robert Is Here - Miami Road Trip


  • Robert is Here Fruit Stand – Homestead, FL. For over 54 years, Robert is Here remains an undisputed champion when it comes to delicious treats and drinks.

They are popular for fresh tropical fruits, luscious shakes, and yummy baked goods. So when you head by South Florida, do not miss this spot or you’ll miss their extremely delicious milkshakes!

People also love Robert is Here because he is always There! The great ambience at the stand and their friendly staff make the stop worthwhile. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this is the perfect hangout especially when you just want to chill or take a break from driving.


Knaus Berry Farm - Miami road trip


  • Knaus Berry Farm – Homestead FL. For strawberry milkshake lovers out there, Knaus Berry Farm is screaming your name. But not only that, you should also try their mouth-watering cinnamon rolls that they freshly bake every day.

Indeed, this is another legend in South Florida. From the oldest to the youngest member in your family, everyone will surely love this place too. Plus, you will enjoy the farm setting as you explore the Homestead area.

Knaus goodies have captured the hearts of every customer that visits the place. You can even pick fresh strawberries in the farm and eat freshly made breads.


Mrs Mac's Kitchen - Miami Road Trip


  • Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen – Key Largo, FL. Located in Key Largo, Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen is a place that features Jeff MacFarland’s (the Founder) mom and her secret recipes. This is another of Florida Keys’ pride when it comes to savory foods and other delicacies.

With award-winning food they serve to their customers, Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen has been recognized by numerous food experts. In addition, people love their funky ambience and great service. Don’t forget to try their Key Lime Pie, many swear it’s the best in Florida!

  • My New Joint – Cudjoe Key, FL. And if you’re looking for a cool bar while driving from Miami to Key West, My New Joint is a must-stop. It’s actually a tapas bar and cocktail lounge if you need some refreshment.

With the extreme heat of the South Florida sun, you will surely need this refreshing stop. They offer a Raw Bar featuring freshly shucked oysters that is supplied from the west and east coast of the country.

Also, the full-liquor bar provides set of choices that offer specialty cocktails, wines, and other cool drinks. There are bottled beers, draft beers, and full tapas such as fondues and salads that you can try. And if you love chocolate and cheese tapas, you’ll also find them too!

These are only some of our favorite choices for the best dinning and food stops on the way to Key West. Other places you can try include the Fish House, Snapper’s Waterfront Restaurant and Saloon, Key Largo Conch House, Sharkey’s Pub & Galley Restaurant, Sundowners, and Hobo’s Café.

Wrapping up Your Key West Road trip

Your drive from Miami to Key West would definitely not be complete without trying these great restaurants and fun places. And the trip down that long narrow scenic road to The Keys is quite remarkable.

You’ll also likely come across live music and water activities once you get to Key West. You can easily spend a few days or even a whole week to fully discover this last city of the continental US.

For those who want more excitements at the Keys, there are jeeps available for rent that you can use them to explore the off the beaten track around the town.

A drive from Miami to the Keys is definitely a memorable trip to experience and if you have time for more, continue on to these other destinations.


Credits: Miami New Times, Authentic Florida

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