Best Sporting Events in Miami

Over the past several years, Miami built a reputation as the perfect tropical location on the continental US to host world-class sporting events. With year-round warm weather, top amenities and a population that takes sports serious, it’s no wonder Miami attracts many athletes to live and train here.

Tennis, running, water sports and golf are particularly popular in Miami. The region offers incredible beaches, meticulously maintained golf courses and plenty of running trails and tennis courts.

Sporting events in Miami, large and small, are held in throughout our region. If you’re planning to visit us soon, consider timing your trip with these favorite ones and tour Miami in a different way.

Miami Marathon & Half Marathon

Sporting events in Miami - Miami Marathon & Half Marathon

What a better way to welcome the new year!  It’s our largest running event and takes place in early January in the heart of Miami and Miami Beach. The route takes runners through Miami’s most popular landmarks and waterfront and gives them a speedy tour of Miami.

The race attracts runners from around the nation as well as international elite athletes. The big bonus is that the course is mainly flat, no steep hills to worry about! January weather is also ideal for running and the race start time is early enough to avoid mid-day heat. Be ready to enjoy a fun tropical race with loads of supporters along the way.

South Beach Triathlon

Sporting events in Miami - South Beach Triathlon


Typically held in early April, South Beach Triathlon has shorter distances than a standard triathlon. All three activities; running, cycling and swimming, are held in South Beach, making it ideal to combine this event with few extra vacation days.

Athletes can join forces with family and friends and sign up for the relay too. There’s also a special Tot Trot race for the little ones, which consists of a short beach run. For a stress free visit and an unforgettable memory, it’s best to stay on Miami Beach island few days before the race to acclimate with our weather.

Ironman 70.3 Miami

Ironman 70.3 also known as Half Ironman is entirely held in Miami, departing from the scenic Bayfront Park near downtown. It’s a long distance triathlon race that requires extreme endurance.

Since its inception in 2006, the event has grown in popularity, forcing organizers to limit the number of participants to few thousands. As the race is a qualifier for the Ironman World Championship 70.3, many international and local athletes participate.

Miami Tennis Tournament

Miami Open is the most highly anticipated tournament each year. Held at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne Island, off Miami’s shores, the tournament brings together top international tennis players to compete each year since 1987.

This is an event where you are just an audience but we highly recommend visitors to attend it. The entire atmosphere in the park is very festive, with entertainment stages and food stalls.


Sporting events in Miami - Miami Open tennis tournament


To enjoy and experience these events, it’s best to time them with a vacation or business trip. If you’re not into crowd-filled sporting events and prefer something small or solo, make-up your own workout such as a run on Miami Beach boardwalk or join Raven Run. We hope you enjoy these sporting events in Miami and happy travels!