7 Best Travel Hacking Tips

Here at Oliom, we strive to provide travelers with the best deals, ideas and hacks. Traveling doesn’t have to be complicated! So, we searched around to compile a list of best travel hacking tips that will ease your travels.

Travel Hacking - Wear a Jacket

1. Always travel with a Jacket. It will make the security line go smoother. Keep all your important items inside the jacket pocket and throw the jacket on the basket to go through the line. Also when it gets cold during your flight, you can just put on your jacket to feel more comfortable.

Travel Hacking - Pill Box

2. Carry all your small jewelry in a pill box. It’s especially useful for rings and small earrings. If you can have any extra space, tuck in some money for security.

Travel Hacking - Saran Wraps

3. Cover your shampoo, lotion, and cologne bottle with saran wraps. It will avoid unnecessary spills. It’s also wise to carry a roll of saran wrap with you which may come in handy once you travel back.

Travel Hacking - Straw For Necklace

4.  Pretty simple, thread a straw to avoid your dainty necklaces from tangling.

Travel Hacking - Folding Clothes

5. Roll your clothes to avoid wrinkles and save space.

Travel Hacking - Empty Water Bottle

6. Carry an empty water bottle to stay hydrated in the airport and during your flight! No one likes spending $4 a water bottle!!

Travel Hacking - WiFi

7. Get free Wi-Fi at any airport just add “?.jpg” at the end of any URL!

Happy travels and enjoy these travel hacking tips! While you’re here, discover cools things to do in Miami & Miami Beach, our beloved region.

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